It’s crazy how it can take half a lifetime sometimes for someone to get a clear understanding of who they are. I’ve often thought of myself to be of a rebellious nature. A reckless of sorts. In reality though, I actually love order. I love for things to be congruent. I think if you boil it down, for me, it’s an appreciation and a deep yearning to see people as who they really are. Who they were uniquely designed to be. Those being true to themselves and not following somebody else’s description of who they should be. (Or it could be, a deep hatred for phonies. I don’t know). Either way, I think it started young. You see, a little claim to fame for our family is that my Mom is/was related to Jim Morrison. (You know, of The Doors). Say what you will, but, there is no denying that he lived a bold, brash, brazen and, yes, in a way, brilliant and beautiful life. Now, I never knew him. He split the scene when I was two and I’m pretty sure that he never bounced me on his knee. However, I guess if you have a smidgen of him stuck down in your bones than you may have a tendency to want to live life your own way.

Maybe I’ve over mystified this, but, probably because of that, I’ve always had this lifelong fascination with people living out authentic, true lives. Great big lives. Ones with a voice. Hell, the last thing that I want to feel at the end of my life is that I lived some quaint little life that didn’t reflect the deepest essence of me. And here is where our Homes step in to tell our story.

Just as we express who we are through our outward appearance, through our sense of style, through the way we carry ourselves. So too, our Homes should be a reflection of our core identity. True representations of what resonates deep down inside each one of us. Making us tick. Making us feel at ease. And that, my friends, is why I love being a builder. When you see that connection being made with your clients, it’s magical. And, it makes all of the blood, sweat and tears worth it every single time.

One of my biggest dreams, and daily prayers, for my life, is that I would one day have the great privilege of building each of my children’s dream homes. We’re already talking about what these will look like. But, to see the beauty that is at the root of their being come into focus through the manifestation of these Homes, Homes that would be an expression of the lives they have created, would not only be a blast but would also be a pure joy to experience. As for everyone else out there, I’d say: Build on. Go out and make your homes your own. An outward expression of your True Beautiful Self. Just as Jim lived his life up front and out loud, go do the same.

Jim Morrison's "Love Street" Home

Jim Morrison’s “Love Street” Home

Dining Room

Dining Room



Outdoor Shower ~ You think this saw some activity?

Outdoor Shower ~ Umm…wonder what kind of activity this thing saw?

The Den

The Den

Take care and All my Bests,


Ha ~ This one totally cracked me up.  You know how in my last post, I talked about the elusive masterpieces tucked away on gracious Atlantan Lots.  Architectural gems that are hidden all around town.  Beautifully sculpted dream homes with magnificent detailing designed by abundantly talented artisans. Well, I’ve been intrigued with this one from the road for some time now.




You’d think that this is a gentleman’s farm stuck right in the heart of Buckhead.  Based off of the country feel and the regal barn, what do you suppose the main house will look?


Here we go…rounding the corner and climbing the hill.

Bonneau Ansley Post

Funky at it’s finest.  Nothing Traditional, or Conventional, or Rule Abiding about this one.



Definitely with a style of its own.  Oversized and Quirky.




And then the character just pours on out with every frame.


I happen to love it.  I love that it’s funky.  That the homeowner’s personality is reflected thru and thru.  And, even though it is an architectural free for all, it is Well Composed.  Everything fits.  It all ties together.  And we can see the owner in its presence.  ~Too cool~




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Welcome to Grand Ol’ Atlanta. There’s no other place like it. 75 to 100 years ago, the outlining boundary of the city was acre after acre of rolling country side. Gentleman farms for the families of the business tycoons who pioneered this burgeoning new town. It was not uncommon at all for a family to build their estate on a 60+ acre piece while their children occupied the forty acres to the south and their best friends another forty to the west. Even though the parcels have been broken down over the years, they still remain magnificent!

What this translates into is an air of privacy, of sophistication, of style that is rarely seen in any residential community, anywhere. And, one that is almost impossible to replicate.







Chalk it up to massive lots, crowned with a spectacular coverage of trees, meticulously placed homes, architectural gemstones, and what you have left is just plain Magical.




Beauty unfolding with every turn. Treasures held exclusively for family and close friends.

And, for some of us, the joy of exploration.

All my Bests,





Sorry, it’s been so long, but things have really been crazy.

With that said, I want to re-introduce the site. Tweaking and re-vamping it a bit.

Less Words ~ More Photos. Keeping things short and sweet while cutting to the point. Heck, I’m busy, your busy, you don’t want to hear me blab on and on, we just want to look at cool homes, Right?

So what is Well Composed.

It has nothing to do with size or magnitude. Price or zip code.  Nothing to do with complexity. It’s where the elements flow together seamlessly.  Where a personal tapestry is created.  From the outside ~ appearing comfortable and effortless.  In fact, it is in this simplicity that ultimately Elegance is achieved. The common thread running through anything Well Composed is Design. Intentional, thoughtful Design.

I just finished up this home on Lake Lanier and it was a blast to build.



05.30.13 100


Our client spent 8 years looking for his perfect lot.  Nearly 3 years designing the home.  And, in the end, he is absolutely overjoyed.

After years of planning, shaping, configuring, integrating ~ all of his wildest dreams have come to fruition.

And his biggest goal, to have as near to Net Zero living as possible, was accomplished.  Through the aid of Solar power, Solar hot water heating and one incredible automation system, we came pretty darn close.

Earning a HERS rating of “9”

A Blower Door test score of 1.7

And a Duct Blaster test score of 2.7  (All of which are personal bests for me).

I’d say we pulled it off.

Special Thx to:

I-Homes Atlanta

Radiance Solar

and of course ~

Carl Seville

For being the technical gurus to guide us through this daunting task.

For me though, my greatest satisfaction came from watching his excitement build and ultimately turn into joy as everything that he had hoped for came into being.  He’s given the home the name “Ventanas al Cielo” which means ~ Windows to Heaven which basically says it all.  Love That.  You can read more about it Here on his personal site.

Next post, we’ll venture back down into Buckhead and uncover some beautiful hidden treasures.

Keep an eye out.

All my Bests,


Hey ~ we’ll get straight to the meat with this one.  It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I’m having a wonderful time down in Macon, GA.  Enjoying the season with the extended family and soaking in the beautiful weather.  As with a lot of family get-togethers though, some of the conversations have settled in around current events.  All the basic junk that you hear over and over.  Kind of a steady drumbeat of a bleak outlook. Continue Reading »

The other day I wrote a post about an amazing home that we had a chance to explore and about the conversations that subsequently developed surrounding the “Character” of the home.  How it primarily goes back to the level of thought that is put forward into the formation of the project. As I think about it a little bit more though, there is another piece of the puzzle that is worthy of consideration.  You see, after that evening, a friend of mine sent me a link of a North Carolina Architectural firm, who he has been following, showing off some of their spectacular work.

Continue Reading »

Well… all I can say is, I hate it that you missed this one.  What an amazing home to run through.

Evening was falling; and yet, the entire crew was converging fast.  Filled with anticipation.  Darting through Atlanta’s traffic with a single purpose in mind.  I knew that we would have a great turn out, but, I was truly impressed when I turned the corner onto Andrews Drive at 5:58 only to find it already throughly lined.  The only thing more impressive was the stature of the Home with every window lit as it sat in the backdrop of a heavily wooded lot.  Our hosts, the team of Dawn Mullins at Harry Normans, were wonderful.  They took care of everything.  Even providing chauffeuring services, escorting attendees up the lengthy cobblestone driveway.

Having being dropped at the foot of this masterpiece, we began to soak it all in.

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