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You know I love architecture.  I live for it.  I suppose that most people get that about me.  (Hopefully, not to the point of bordering on excessive / just to be seen as a genuine passion).  That’s certainly why I do what I do.  Whether restoring an older home back to it’s original beauty or bringing a new one up out of the ground to stand on its own, I love witnessing the nature of the home as it is revealed.  To me, exceptional architecture and design transcends the visual.  It reaches deep down into one’s soul and attaches to the very essence of our being.  It is something that we can connect to and relate to.  It calms us and generates a true heartfelt joy.  When done well, it is something that you feel at the very core of who you are.

That is why when I saw these photos of a project by Castro Design Studio float across Facebook, I knew that I would have to share them.  This Home simply exudes perfection which translates into pure comfort.  I hope you enjoy. (more…)

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As you may know, I’ve been knee-deep in getting situated with the new company and all.  And, it’s been a blast.  I suppose that last Friday would mark the completion of my first full week on the job.  While driving home, enjoying the gorgeous Atlanta afternoon, the iPhone playlist pulled up an all-time old favorite. (more…)

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I guess you’ve figured it out by now that I love to spotlight really cool projects whenever I come across them.  With that said, hats off to Tim Odom of Kitchen + Bath Artisans.  He recently picked up an NKBA Calla award;  For Kitchen Design of the Year, with this one.  And it is Remarkable.  Tim happens to be one of my favorite designers and his projects never fail to impress.  In fact, we recently had a kitchen that was a joint collaboration on the NARI tour of  homes and, the most common statement that we heard over the course of the day was that the level of style was unbelievable.  If you’d like to check out a previous post that I ran on that one a few of months ago, you can click here.  But, on with this one.  For me, It’s all about the composition and here we have a shining example that illustrates this perfectly.


From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans


Tons of great stuff here…where should I begin?  Let me start with the obvious.  I am a huge fan of “interior views ” and this kitchen has them from multiple angles. First of all, we have that beautiful window.   Don’t you just love how it has the ability to pull you through the entire room.  I find myself being drawn to its light while slowly taking in all of the layers of detail along the way.  One thing to notice here is how consistent the subtle arch of the window unit is with shape of the arch on the decorative hood.  Pretty cool huh.  The arched transom was actually custom-made to fit on top of an existing triple window and then coordinated into the design of the hood. 


From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans


Now we have the view from the keeping room which captures the full breadth of the range wall.  Talk about a focal point.  Of course the custom stone hood assumes the lead role by taking its place of prominence.  However, there a number of supporting features.  One of the first things that I pick up on is the use of color as we have a complimentary play with the engagement of light and dark elements.  From the rich wood counter top, to the deep swirls in the marble slab backsplash, to the dark inlays in the cabinet doors,  to the stark white accent tile and finally to the black shades on the stylish sconce lights.  Everything exists in harmony.  And while we’re here, how about the lighting scheme?  Those pendant lights over the island are incredible.  Tim selected all of the fixtures for the project and did a magnificent job with it.  If I may give my 2 cents here, please spend some time seeking out expert advise when it comes to putting together the lighting package for your project.  Commit time to it.  Commit dollars to it.  A well thought out lighting plan will far exceed the expenditure and you will be reminded of how pleasing it can be every time you enter the space.

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans


One of my favorite portions of the kitchen is this feature wall.   Notice how the entire section from the full height pantry on the right to the far end of the cabinets on the left is treated like its own ensemble.  The base of the cabinets are set apart with some extra wide sculpted feet.  The marble goes from edge to edge.  The upper cabinets are supported by decorative corbels.  All of this allowing for the vintage La Cornue range to take center stage.

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

And now for the finer stylings.  I love the built up cornice on the cabinetry with the extra tall cove crown molding; creating the visual connection to the ceiling.  The approach of installing the 3 x 6 brick tile on a herringbone pattern; providing just the right amount of sophistication.  The use of the tall, slender sconce lights which are  in a polished nickel; bringing the elegance.  And then back lighting the upper cabinets generating the bonus sense of ambiance. 

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Check out the Dupont Edge cut on the marble slab as it ties in with the tile work.   Marble Backsplash Provided by Marmi Natural Stone.


From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

The plumbing fixtures are wonderful as well.  They are all from the Annapolis collection by Waterstone.  Notice the dual faucets on the prep sink.  The larger one is of course your primary piece while the smaller one is for Instant Hot and Chilled water.  Great set up.  Plus I love the Carribean Bronze finish with the squared-off black sink.  And, you can’t have a range of that caliper without including a pot filler.  It is so frustrating to me, but, I can’t tell you how many times we start off the project with a pot filler in the scope only to have it get whacked when the budget becomes tight. 


From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Ahh the Details…from the hands of Artisans!  Walnut island top provided by J Aaron.

I’ve got to get one of these for my house. 

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Over in the main work area of the kitchen, we have a truly unique faucet and farm sink.  And, you may not realize this, but, the microwave is tucked behind the pull up cabinet door.  Very innovative.

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

What a great choice with the soap stone on the perimeter cabinets.  I love the color and check out the nice detail cut on the corner.  It’s always the little things that add up when you are creating a fascinating project.  Conversely, it’s always the little things that are lacking when one falls flat.

Soap stone also provided by Marmi Natural Stone.

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

There are so many conversation pieces in this spectacular kitchen.  Material and fixture selections were certainly spot on.  Beautiful cabinetry and luxury appliance definitely lent a hand.  But, I believe that it is how All of these elements are woven together that creates a composition of such exceptional quality.  For me, this project is a tremendous blend of casual yet elegant; vintage yet current.  Well Composed / Well Done Tim. 

To see more of Tim Odom and Kitchen + Bath Artisans work, check out kitchenbathartisans.com or Facebook / Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Take Care,


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Everyone wants a weekender, right? A place they can slip off to. Whether it would be located at the beach, the mountains, the lake, the woods or wherever; the important thing is that it is a place of rest and rejuvenation. A place to nourish ones inner nature. It is a Home that replenishes the soul. For me, a Home in this setting would have a completely different feel than a primary residence. Its scale and size would relate to a more casual and relaxed pace. It’s warmth is what becomes endearing and routinely draws you back. Without a doubt, I would certainly desire for it to be polished and refined, but, clean and simple would be the over-riding name of the game.

From the Portfolio of William B. Litchfield Residential Designs, Inc.

This one certainly casts an indelible impression; and yet, I have found writing about it to be a bit of a challenge. You see most of the projects I like to spotlight are chock full of details and are honestly relatively easy to be descriptive about. This one; however, is somewhat understated. The design is not overly complicated. And the elements lean toward the side of being simple. Please do not take this as a disrespectful statement in any shape or fashion. Simple is one of the core principles to establishing elegance. And creating, implementing and executing a simple design can often be the most difficult to pull off. The kitchen definitely has some wonderful features like the marble counters, top-of-the-line appliances and spectacular windows, but, I think what attracts me so much to this one is the composition. It always comes down to the integrity of the composition.

From the Portfolio of William B. Litchfield Residential Designs, Inc.

There is no denying that the kitchen is bright and open. This place is absolutely flooded with natural light. The connection to the outside is so strong that I know I would enjoy being here even if it were raining like mad out there. When looking around the room, the detailing and lines present themselves in a crisp and clean manner. Something that I love. And the placement of everything is very well-balanced. All of this comes together in a unified whole contributing to a space that is also incredibly comfortable. Morning coffee at the island would be a pure delight and time with the family would be nothing less than captivating.
I know my words have probably fallen short here, but, I hope the images have picked up the slack.
Have a Great Weekend!

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In following up on my latest post; entitled “The One” and which highlighted my all time favorite kitchen, I thought that I would dedicate the next two blogs to the close runner-ups.  This one here is the product of the collaborative effort of William Litchfield Residential Designs and Jacquelynne P. Lanham Designs.  I just happened to come across it while roaming through the AH&L archives.  When I look at this kitchen, I see a true gentleman’s estate.  One that is full of complexity and sophistication ; yet, comfortable.  One that is complete in integrity.  One where the whole composition is working well, undivided, integrated, intact and uncorrupted. 

From the Portfolio of William B. Litchfield Residential Designs, Inc.

 As with the previous post, the entire design is hinged on the concept of Contrasts and Compliments.  Our perimeter cabinets here present themselves as being very stately whereas the units flanking the window are vintage, treasured and reminiscent of heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations.  The rustic beams and the iron window give you the feeling of permanence, while the dining table brings us forward into modern times by resembling the ambiance of a corporate board room.  Can’t you see the man of the house, in charge of his life, sitting here mapping out his day.  I also love the open sideboard piece, the complimentary countertops, the wide plank flooring and the lighting collection.  The chandelier, sconce lights and table lamps work perfectly together. 

From the Portfolio of William B. Litchfield Residential Designs, Inc.

This is actually the prep kitchen which is lying just around the corner.  Where the main room is the more public arena, this is the realm where the true work takes place.  Tons of storage.  Absolutely everything is tucked away in its place and yet the space does not feel closed in at all thanks in part to those magnificent windows.  I can envision standing here, looking out over the field and watching the guys as they return from the afternoon pheasant hunt.  Couldn’t you.  Notice again how the windows are set directly on top of the countertops.  And, to complete the integrity of the architecture, the arched windows mimic the openings on the far side of the kitchen tying the entire composition together.
Continuity of detailing between spaces is critical in creating comfort.
Up Next…”My Weekender”. 
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I suppose a few of you guys (ones in the know) have seen this one before.  Apparently, photos of it have been floating around for a little while now.  I just happened to stumble upon it when I was wandering around the other weekend.  From the first moment that I laid eyes on it though, I was done.  Totally drawn in and utterly enamored. 

From the Portfolio of Cynthia Zeigler, Inc.

This kitchen was created by well noted kitchen designer Cynthia Zeigler and from my perspective, it is a true masterpiece.  Cynthia’s reputation is impeccable as she has been distinguished as one of the most sought after designers in the Atlanta market.  However, one of the things that I admire so much with this kitchen is the way that it relates with other elements of the home.  When building a custom home, it is critical to bring in the main designers (from every discipline) early on in the process to ensure a cohesive and collaborative approach.  For me, the iron window is the primary statement maker of the entire space.  Yet, here is the kick.  You can not have windows of this caliper in just one room of the home.  Certainly not every window in the house needs to be of iron construction; however, they do need to relate to the window ensemble as a whole.  For this to happen, these decisions need to be made early on in the design process.  I also love how the windows align with the top of the upper cabinets and rest directly on the countertops.  Perfectly proportioned.  The cabinets themselves are very stately with the side styles extending all the way down to the floor.  And when combined with the marble tops, a sense of elegance is achieved.  I am also impressed with the connection that is made with the room’s various fixtures.  Notice how the spotlights on the ceiling tracks correlate to the hanging fixtures over the island.  Very Cool.

From the Portfolio of Cynthia Zeigler, Inc.

The island is somewhat rustic in an otherwise very sleek design.  And the stainless countertop connects to the industrial appliances.  That is what transitional design is all about.  ~ Contrast and Compliments~  So that you can then place features like the hood into the mix and really have something to talk about. 
By the way ~ don’t you just love the design subtleties here.  Notice how the curvature of the hood blends with the gentle arch of the doorway and the adjacent opening.  And, how the doors are stained the exact finish as the island.  Awesome Composition.
This kitchen is nothing less than pure nourishment to my soul.
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I think you will most definitely enjoy this one. It was not only fun to build out, but, it also had an incredible, earth-shattering impact on the character of the Home. Located in the Brookfield Country Club right on the golf course, this home was the collection of multiple renovations performed by the previous owner. Not only did the craftsmanship leave a lot to be desired, the interior lacked continuity and flow. Our clients purchased the property out of foreclosure with the hopes of transforming it into something special. The only problem was…they had a hard time figuring out what that “something special” was supposed to look like.

Here we have the kitchen:

This is where we started

A Tight Galley Layout

Completely Sealed Off

As you can see, the kitchen was separated from the massive family room and confined to a relatively small space. maneuvering around with multiple cooks (or just kids for that matter) was extremely difficult. It was dark, dated and not a lot of fun to hang out in. Counter top space; while lacking from the get go, would end up being consumed by school work, dishes/glasses or whatever else the general chaos of the day would throw at it. Organizational and storage considerations were a most in the new design. The other major challenge was connecting the kitchen and breakfast room with the adjoining family room and sunroom.
So we sat down and let the design process begin. As personal style and taste attributes began to surface, it became clear that we were heading in the direction of a very Transitional feel. The homeowners also gravitated to the use of strong contrasting materials. Michael Bell and Michelle Taylor with Bell Custom Cabinetry got the ball rolling by pulling together the character of the kitchen. Aren’t those islands amazing!

Moments of Reflection

The perimeter cabinets were finished in a deep, rich “Teaberry” color while the islands were a custom hand-selected paint color that complimented the other adjoining rooms. We then reversed the counter top colors to offset the cabinetry. We have a polished Maroon Cohiba on the islands and a solid Organic White from Ceasarstone on the outlining wall cabinets. A Sub Zero refrigerator and 6 burner Wolf Range provide the muscle to space. Glass shelf niches inside the cooking alcove enhance the professional appearance while the beveled subway tile backsplash instill the quiet elegance that brings everything together.
One of my favorite additions to the new space was replacing that huge bowed bay window. The subdivision was originally developed and largely built out by Chatham Custom Homes. They had included these large, locally built units on a great number of the homes as kind of their signature look. Our clients loved the connection that these units had with the community, but, knew that they had outlived their prime. So, we brought in Pella Windows and Doors to help us re-create some new windows that would retain the original integrity. Drew Hall, our Pella Rep., executed the specifications of these custom units meticulously. I wish we had a better photo that captured the view of the pool and the fairway, but, trust me when I say that it is inspiring to say the least.

What a Focal Point

Another key player on the team was Theresa Minkoff with Moda Floors and Interiors. She worked hand in hand with our clients throughout the entire project guiding the design decisions and ensuring that a cohesive look was achieved in the end. My hat is certainly tipped to her for the talent that she brings to the table by being able to listen to the client and interpret their desires and wishes. It is a unique skill that few people have, but, I can tell you that she is one of the best there is.
Taking It All In.
Some of the components that I Love in this kitchen are the custom milled trim details surrounding the cooking alcove, the strong support columns on the main island, the authentic end panels, the furniture base and scrolled toe kick and the tall pantry cabinets flanking the formal entrance to the Dining Room.
I believe that what we ended up with is a unified, sleek, elegant space that is also very comfortable to a growing family.
Next Comes The Fireplaces:



The fireplace separating the family room from the sunroom can only be described as a monstrosity. It was dark, heavy and looming. Blocking all of the natural light from entering the family room. And, upon further inspection, was completely unsafe for operation. Some of the things that we tackled here were: re-building the firebox and flue liners; removing the cased openings on either side; re-working the lighting scheme; running wide plank hardwood flooring throughout; installing a floating mantle; employing sharp, white, quartzite stone on the surround and a Honed Maroon Cohiba slab on the raised hearth.
This is my Favorite part!


Now, what we are looking at is light, warm, inviting and completely in style.

So Cool!

Touch of Class.

Some of the other areas of the Home that we worked on were: re-configuring the laundry room with some new, custom, “drop zone” cabinetry; re-doing the powder room with a new sink cabinet, new plumbing, electrical and accessories and repainting the entire first floor. There is nothing more gratifying for me than witnessing a well designed, highly collaborative project come together. Many thanks to our industry partners for helping us transform this house into a Home that our clients can delight in.
To see more of what we’re up to, please click here to visit the Distinctive Remodeling Website.
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I’m not really sure why, we in Atlanta, pay so little attention to the critical details of a Home. These are the elements that bring the home to life and allow it to truly become inspiring. A builder friend of mine, who happened to be very successful at his profession, once told me that in order to succeed in our market, you have to build what the people are asking for. I believe that here in lies the dilemma. Most consumers are not aware of the finer treatments that go into a Well Composed Home and thus do not know what to ask for. You guys may remember that I have a passion for beautiful windows and entry doors. Well – I also hold interior doors in the same high regard. This is an area where we can have an incredible impact on the character of the Home for a relatively low material cost upgrade. Keep in mind, the labor end of things will be exactly the same as installing the cheap units. And, do you know what I am referring to when I speak of the “Cheap Units”. Basically, it is a what is commonly known as the masonite door. Or what I like to refer to as the paper door. A masonite door is a composition of layers of paper applied over a cardboard shell creating a formed profile that is supposed to resemble a raised panel door. Not very substantial at all. Amazingly however, these units are installed in at least 98% (my number based off of pure perception – absolutely not a hard fact) of the homes in this great city.

So how do we overcome this trend?

I will often speak to clients about the more subtle qualities of a true interior door like the solidness of the way in which the door closes, the heaviness of its feel or the depth of its details and yet unless someone can put their hands on the unit and see it in action, they have a hard time grasping the significance of these intricacies. Plus, without a personal, previous experience of living with such doors, my claims seldom seem to resonate. With all that being said, I believe the only way to capture the attention of the client is to show how such units will not only enhance the composition of the entire space but will also express both the personality of the homeowner and the home alike.

Jones Pierce Architects Project Currently Under Construction

This room is amazing. Especially with the way the interior doors connect with the window and with the way the headband ties everything together. All of the pieces are integrated.

From the Portfolio of Harrison Design Associates

Here, we have a 4 panel door. By itself, it is not too dramatic, but, notice how it picks up on the proportion of the custom windows and unifies the space.

From the Portfolio of Castro Design Studio

Castro gets it. Notice how the linen closet door is framed to emulate the inset panels of the cabinetry. Pretty crafty.

From the Portfolio of Spitzmiller and Norris

Talk about adding style to a room. These doors definitely embody the class that this Home deserves. Anything less would have been disrespectful.

From the Portfolio of McAlpine Tankersley

And here, Bobby McAlpine knocks it out of the park. these panels are very similar to those in the previous photo, yet, by simply changing the door color itself, they are now both extremely dramatic and amazingly comfortable. I feel that this is the unifying element that brings this whole space together. Absolutely Well Done.
If you have a project coming up and would consider having some top quality interior doors entered into the mix, our friends at Insidesign can certainly help. They have a beautiful showroom in the heart of Dunwoody that offers up a wonderful shopping experience.
To see more work from the featured architects, you can click here and go straight to their sites.

Thanks for checking in and as Always ~

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Hey Guys ~

I thought I’d pull one out of the archives for you here.  This one has always been one of my favorites.  The owners found this little gem and started right in transforming it into a place of their own.  Tucked away in the serene Loring Heights community just west of Atlanta, this bungalow offered up a ton of potential.  In a course of two separate projects, we came in to create a master bedroom / bathroom addition and renovate the kitchen.  In part I, we’ll explore the master bath.  I think the reason that I like this remodel so much is because you will not find one ounce of “Fluff” anywhere in it.  I apologize that we do not have any quality before pictures.  Not sure what we were thinking there.  But, since it’s the weekend, we’ll keep it lite and just give you the finished product.


Such A Very Well Composed Space

As you can see, even though we are working in some tight quarters, a rich and elegant ensemble is achieved throughout.

All the Pieces Fit Perfectly


Love the Medicine Cabinets


Simply Styling


Every Inch is Carefully Planned


And Storage Space is No Longer a Problem


Warm Tones, Sleek Stylings, Classic Hardware and Cool Feet.


Gotta Have the Do-Dad Shelf

And, now for the crowning jewel.

Talk About Luxe


The Fixture Selection is Spot On.


Here's to the Showering Experience ~ Raining Down

 Every room of this home has been renovated and customized to truly represent the homeowners individual personalities.  And, in the end, we have a space with a harmonious continuity that is warm, unique, expressive, comfortable and well composed.  I can’t wait to share with you Part II where we will showcase what we were able accomplish with the limited galley kitchen.
If you would like to see more of what we’re up to,
please visit the Distinctive Remodeling Website.
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“When we think about the views offered by a home, we are normally referring to exterior views, but carefully designed interior views can also add enormously to the quality and character of a home.”

Sarah Susanka

The quote above is from Sarah Susanka’s book Home by Design.  I’ve often fallen back on this book when designing a new space because it is just plain chock full of excellent strategies.  It is definitely a must have reference book to have on hand for anyone considering themselves a Home enthusiast.  We can think of an interior view as basically an architectural design approach that focuses the visual composition of the space.


Photo via Things That Inspire

If you are not aware of the Things that Inspire Blog Site then you certainly need to check it out.  It has become revered as one of the most popular Interior / Home Design blogs published in the Atlanta market.  In the photo above, notice how the artwork is framed perfectly by the arched opening.  More surprisingly, even though you are not aware of it, your eye is unconsciously being drawn through the room taking in each element, layer by layer.

Photo via Things That Inspire


Here, a window is utilized at the back of the Master Closet to pull you through the room.  Some will claim that a window is the most difficult feature to incorporate into an interior view because it also impacts the exterior elevation, but, that is what makes the practice of architecture such a grand endeavor.  It is truly one of the greatest puzzle building exercises known to mankind. 



From the Portfolio of Castro Design Studio, LLC


In this scenario, the doorway that is centered at the far end of the hallway, leads the entire composition marching up to its entry.



From the Portfolio of Peter Block Architects


This is one of my all time favorite images.  The good folks at Peter Block Architects are certainly leading the way.



From the Portfolio of Castro Design Studio, LLC



Talk about being drawn through a room.  I am dying to see what awaits for us on the other side.



From the Portfolio of Castro Design Studio, LLC

Even though this room is not symmetrical, it is still perfectly balanced and your eye begins to explore all of the different elements slowly making your way to the far windows.  All I can say is…Absolutely Well Done.

From the Portfolio of Castro Design Studio, LLC

In this image, the hood is utilized as the central focal point and then your eye is allowed to wander out to either side as you study further.
 And now for one of our own

Distinctive Remodeling Solutions

We started with this small galley kitchen.

Distinctive Remodeling Solutions

Which was separated from the family room by this wall.

Distinctive Remodeling Solutions

So we opened it up a bit, thus creating an incredible interior view.
Distinctive Remodeling Solutions
I suppose you can say that I am a very visually oriented person, but, it is simply how I relate to the world.  When things are orderly, aligned into a nice composition or basically just fit together well, I am at ease.  When they are out of whack or dis-jointed, I am typically uncomfortable.  Here we have a range alcove taking center stage as the focal point of the room regardless of the vantage point from which you are viewing it.  From there, your eye ventures out to the rich, “teaberry” colored cabinetry; onto the handsome, handcrafted islands and finally landing on the awesome custom 11′ wide bowed bay window.  Huge thank you to Drew Hall with Pella Windows and Doors for helping me with the details on this one.  Also, Kudos to Michael Bell and Michelle Taylor at Inspirations Kitchen and Bath who helped us pull the whole ensemble together.  And I couldn’t sign off without giving a proper acknowledgement to our project manager Kane Hawkins for not only executing the details of the project flawlessly, but also, for taking care of our client all the way through.  It is amazing how much you can do when you surround yourself with good people.
We do plan on spotlighting this project as a feature post on its own in the near future, so stay tuned.
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