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Here’s one of my All~Time favorite Homes, in one of my All~Time favorite communities.

The beautiful enclave of Brookhaven.

I happen to have the good fortune of driving by this beaut everyday as we have a new home going up just down the road.

I Love the patio doors, the full size shutters, the rhythm of segmented arches, the swooped gable, the motor court, the chimney, the Balance, the browns, the greens, the entire color scheme.

He looks so Comfortable, so Secure, Inviting.

Proud, Confident, yet, Understated.

He’s kicked back, basking in a radiation vibe kinda thing.

Forgive me for getting all Hippie~esk on this one, but I did spend my formative years livin’ in Athens, hangin’ on the lawn, listening to Widespread.

Have a Great Week,



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Greetings All.  You know, one thing that I love to do with this blog is to promote other individuals or entities.  But, I am hesitant to plug just anyone.  You see, this is something that I place a great deal of consideration into.  It is something that I certainly do not take lightly.  From my perspective, they have to be truly worthy.  Truly knocking it out of the park. (more…)

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Man, I can’t wait for spring.  This past Saturday morning I wanted to go for a run, too cold.  I thought about working in the yard or washing the car.  Again, too cold.  But, what I really wanted to do was to attend an architectural lecture presented by the ICA&A and held at “The Little Chapel”.  However, I had already decided to pass on this opportunity so that I could help out in the neighborhood with a work party for our tennis group.  Then, that was canceled due to…you guessed it.  Too darn cold.  (more…)

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