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What a magnificent day this Saturday turned out to be.  It started with some good times, hanging out with the tennis crowd and capturing a swift victory.  It wasn’t me though.  I think I need to give almost all of the credit here to Ted.  {Who, by the way, runs an exceptional company called North Georgia Windows.  If you ever need to get some windows replaced, give Ted a call.   His standard for business is above the mark; something that we should all try to apply to our lives…focus on the good, leave all of the bad junk behind, treat people well and always do what you say you’re going to do.  This is a solid operation through and through}.  After that though, I shot home, got changed and headed downtown for (more…)


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The other night, as my wife and I were spending a quiet evening reading, she handed me the latest edition of Southern Living stating that I had to take a look because  just about everybody I ever speak about is mentioned somewhere in the issue.  And sure enough, it was chock full of local talent.  So, I dove right in.  (more…)

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Topping the Charts

McAlpine Tankersley Architecture

Truthfully, there is not a single word that I could possibly add to this, so, I thought I would just share. 


To see more, please visit this remarkable new blog site by


McAlpine Tankersley


Take Care,


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